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FAQ for Parents

You probably have a few questions as a new applicant to St. Stanislaus. We’ve put together the most frequently asked questions from parents of day students, U.S. boarding students and international boarding students.

Is there an application deadline?
What is involved in the application process? What are the requirements for applying?
How many students do you have?
What is a dorm prefect?
What are some reasons that students board at Saint Stanislaus?
How are boarding students separated in the dorms?
How many students live in each room?
What should boarding students bring from home?
Can international students buy bed sheets, towels and other things at school that might be difficult to carry through the airport?
What types of things can students buy at school?
Do students have permission to go off campus during the week?
Are students allowed to go home on weekends?
Does my son need to leave campus on three-day weekends and long holidays?
Is food and supervision included on weekends for boarding students?
What type of activities do the students do on weekends?
Is transportation provided for weekend and holiday travel?
Is my son allowed to bring his car as a boarding student?
How can I communicate with my son? How can he communicate with me?
Can I visit my son on campus?
Is there a school nurse? What happens if my son gets sick?
How do you discipline students?
How do you control bullying?
How many classes do students have each day?
How many students are in each class?
Where can we buy school uniforms?
When do boarding students study? What accommodations are made to ensure that boarding students are getting the academic help they need outside of class time?
What kind of English as a Second Language (ESL) support is there for international students?
How much does it cost to attend Saint Stanislaus?
Can boarding students bring cash or credit cards?

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