Since 1854 • Bay St. Louis, MISSISSIPPI



Welcome from the Dean of Academics


At Saint Stanislaus, we form young men through an outstanding academic program that is part of our holistic experience of education. The students, 7th graders through seniors, who walk our hallways now can attest to the special care and rigor provided in our curriculum.

Saint Stanislaus College has been doing this great work—preparing young men for college and for life—since 1854, and while the academic program has certainly changed over the years to meet the needs of our changing world, one things has remained constant: a quality educational experience.


The educational charism of the Brothers of the Sacred Heart calls for programs that form all parts of a young man—his spiritual, intellectual, psychological, and physical growth. Specifically, we believe that academic excellence is different for each student, and our programs—from Academic Assistance to help students diagnosed with learning differences to Advanced Placement and honors courses—speak to this belief that every student has his own “best” level of expected performance. Underpinning the variety of curriculum opportunities is our focus on self-discipline; we use all experiences—academic, athletic, and spiritual—to promote student self-awareness and self-discipline through programs, policies, and instruction that calls students to be organized, thorough, and timely in all their work and commitments.

To help students reach their potential, to use their talents most effectively, and to give themselves the broadest possible education, Saint Stanislaus encourages each student to plan his own academic schedule with the assistance of teachers, the guidance department, and parents. We guide each student as he develops his future plans and assumes responsibility for meeting his goals.

In areas of English, modern languages, mathematics, science, and social studies, courses are available to meet a broad scope of student needs. A fine arts program—including visual arts and instrumental music—encourages students to develop their musical and artistic abilities. Business, computer education, physical education, and religion programs promote the formation of a well-rounded, well-informed young man.

Saint Stanislaus also takes great advantage of our spectacular campus, where our beachfront location on the Gulf of Mexico provides us our own outdoor laboratory for a science program that features marine science and STEM courses. Newly renovated Taylor Media Center and updated science lab spaces give our students comfortable and contemporary places in which to perform research and experiments, all under the guidance of master teachers.

As Dean of Academics, I am proud to share with you the rich history that Saint Stanislaus has had and continues to have in preparing young men for college and for life. Our hope for our graduates is that the “men of character” who graduate from this special place are men of faith, of scholarship, and of service. I look forward to working with students and parents as they work to reach their educational and personal goals.

Thomas Mavor
Dean of Academics