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Admissions Checklist

    _R4A1939We are delighted that you are considering Saint Stanislaus for your son! We have a rolling admissions process, which means that we accept applications all year, space permitting.

    Inquiries are always welcome, and interviews and tours can be scheduled during office hours from 8:00 AM to 4:00 PM on weekdays.

    To make the process as easy as possible, we put together a comprehensive admissions checklist. To request materials and information, please call (228) 467-9057 or email us at

    Admissions Process for U.S. Day and Boarding Students

    Step 1: Give us a call. For many parents, the first step to applying to Saint Stanislaus begins with a million questions so give us a call and let us answer all of your questions.

    Step 2: Stepping onto our campus is the best way to get to know us. We recommend that the application form and all supplemental documents be turned in before the tour and interview, but if you want to meet us before applying, we are always available for campus visits.

    Step 3: When you are ready to apply, click here to download the Application for Admission and print all of the forms.

    Step 4: Submit the completed Application for Admission, the $100 Application Fee* and other required documents such as:

    • Original or Certified Re-Issued Birth Certificate (for U.S. citizens only) – Mississippi law requires that we view the original or certified re-issued birth certificate. A copy will not be accepted. We will make a copy of the original or re-issued certificate, re-certify it for our purposes and return it to you.
    • Psychological/Educational Evaluation (only if applicable) – When possible, Saint Stanislaus provides various accommodations for students with certain learning needs. If you indicated on the application that your son has special learning or behavior needs, please provide documentation detailing how your son’s diagnosis manifests itself. This information will help us to determine how we can best help him.
    • Custody/Visitation Legal Documents (only if applicable) – In cases where parents are separated or divorced, please provide proof in the form of a copy of the court order that spells out custody and visitation rights.

    *If you are trying to enroll your son at Saint Stanislaus during the current school year, the Registration Fee is due with the Application Fee. The registration fee is non-refundable unless the applicant is denied admission to Saint Stanislaus. Please download the Financial Data Sheet for a current schedule of Registration Fee amounts.

    Step 5: If you have not already met us in person for an admissions interview, please schedule a campus tour and interview after you submit the Application for Admission. In cases where distance prohibits travel to the school, a Skype interview can be arranged.

    Step 6: Once all of the above have been completed, the Saint Stanislaus Admissions Committee will meet to make a decision about an applicant’s admission. After the committee makes its decision, the school will notify the applicant’s parents by mail, phone or email.

    Step 7: Upon receiving the news that your son has been accepted, the Registration fee is due if it hasn’t already been paid in order to reserve his place in the upcoming school year. Please refer to the Financial Data Sheet for Registration Fee amounts and deadlines.

    IMPORTANT: Even though the registration fee reserves a place for a student, he will not be allowed to begin classes until all of the following are submitted:

    • Health Form Part I, II, III and IV
    • General Release
    • Tuition and Fees
    • All other requested documents


    Step 7a (Optional): If you would like to apply for financial assistance through our Work Study Program, you may do so after your son has been accepted and after you submit the Registration Fee. You may request a Work Study application from the Finance Office. Work Study Applications are normally due in May. All of the financial aid award letters are mailed out by the first week of June. However, if financial aid funds remain after the application deadline, we will continue to accept Work Study Applications. For more information concerning the Work Study Program, please call the finance office at (228) 467-9057 ext. 256 or send an email to

    Step 8: Congratulations! You have officially enrolled your son at Saint Stanislaus. Be on the lookout for information in the mail regarding arrival day, uniforms, class schedule and more!


    Admissions Process for International Students

    Step 1: Turn in the following to the Admissions Office by postal mail or email:

    • Completed International Application form with applicant’s photo and required signatures
    • Form No. 121 – Immunization Form
    • Teacher Recommendation Form – Must be sent to by a teacher or counselor.
    • Transcripts from the current and previous two academic years.
    • Request for Release of Information
    • Custody/Visitation Legal Documents – Only if parents are separated or divorced, please provide a copy of the court order that details custody and visitation rights.
    • Financial Statement – A certified document stating the applicant’s ability to afford tuition and fees.

    Step 2: The student’s deposit of $800 should be sent with his application. If the student is not accepted or is unable to obtain a student visa, the school will retain $100 as an application fee and refund the remainder.

    St. Stanislaus accepts cash, check, bank transfer, automatic draft, VISA, MasterCard, and Discover Card. There is a 2.44% service charge to process credit card payments.

    Bank Transfer Instructions:
    Bank Name:  Whitney Bank

    Bank Address:
    228 St. Charles Ave.
    New Orleans, LA 70130
    SWIFT Code: WHITUS44
    Beneficiary Bank: Hancock Bank
    Bank ABA #:  065-503-681
    St. Stanislaus Account Number: 04-792-4275
    Reference/for the account of:   Student’s Name

    Step 3: After we receive the above items, we will contact the applicant/agent to set up a Skype interview.

    Step 4: After the interview and a final review of the application materials, we will contact the applicant/agent to announce our decision regarding admission.

    Step 5: If accepted, we will mail the acceptance letter and Form I-20. Information regarding the F-1 student visa application process can be found at F-1 Student Visa Process.

    Step 6: After an applicant receives his F-1 Student visa, please submit the following:

    • Health Forms Part I, II, III and IV
    • General Release
    • Tuition and Fees
    • All other requested documents