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Tuition and Financial Aid

_R4A3654Did you know that the average private school tuition is $10,940 and the average boarding school tuition is $42,194?

For parents, a Saint Stanislaus education is not an expense. It’s a sound investment in their son’s future. Because of the dedicated, mission-driven faculty and staff, Saint Stanislaus students get more than just an education. They get a nurturing environment that enables them to reach their God-given potential.

2016-17 U.S. Day Student Tuition:  $6,740 (Download the Day Student Financial Data Sheet)

2016-17 U.S. Boarding Student Tuition:  $25,010 (Download the US Resident Financial Data Sheet)

2016-17 International Boarding Student Tuition:  $33,950 (Download the New International Resident Student Financial Data Sheet)

To serve as many students as possible while still allowing our business operations to continue, financial assistance is available for qualified families in the form of our Work Study Program. The amount of donations received each year from our alumni and friends determines how much financial assistance is available. Financial awards are based on a family’s financial situation. Please contact the admissions office at (228) 467-9057 ext. 249 or for more information about tuition payment plans and financial assistance.