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Endowment Funds

Endowment Funds

Endowed Scholarship Funds

Endowed scholarship and academic funds are often established to commemorate a deceased loved one or to honor a living person or family. These funds provide a lasting tribute to those who are so honored.
Currently, Saint Stanislaus has twenty-eight scholarships, twenty-five of which are fully endowed.  Funds are directed through the SSC Progression Corporation’s investment accounts and the use of the scholarship funds are restricted until they are fully endowed. At that time, a percentage of a market value average is determined and can be utilized for the needs of the school. None of the principal is ever withdrawn and the endowment remains intact at Saint Stanislaus in perpetuity.

Endowment gifts are intended by their donors to benefit both current and future generations of students, ongoing projects and various school departments. As a result, Saint Stanislaus is obligated to preserve the purchasing power of these gifts by spending only a small fraction of their value each year. Spending significantly more than that over time, for whatever reason, would privilege the present over the future in a manner inconsistent with an endowment’s fundamental purpose of maintaining intergenerational equity.

Many donors designate a specific purpose for which their fund can be spent. For Saint Stanislaus, roughly 75 percent of endowed funds are subject to these restrictions. Contributions may be given in support of student financial aid, a specific program, or activity, and can only be used for those purposes.

Below is a list of fully funded endowment funds as of January 1, 2017:

  • Alumni Association Scholarship
  • Brother Gunther Aucoin Endowed Scholarship
  • Emile J. Babin ’61 Endowed Scholarship
  • Brother Lee Barker Endowed Scholarship
  • Brother Bennett Bishop Scholarship
  • Class of 1960 Scholarship
  • James R. Crosslin Endowed Scholarship
  • Brother Joseph Donovan Endowed Scholarship
  • Faculty Formation Endowment
  • David Glover Memorial Scholarship
  • Brother Leo Godin Endowed Scholarship
  • John C. Hamilton, Jr.’92 Endowed Scholarship
  • Rita Cue Johnson Endowed Scholarship
  • Jack M. Kent, Jr. ’83 Endowed Scholarship
  • Hugh McCloskey Evans Scholarship
  • Brother Noel Lemmon Scholarship
  • W&M McHugh Scholarship
  • Marine Science Endowment
  • O’Keefe Endowed Scholarship
  • St. Rose De Lima Scholarship
  • Shannon Family Sacred Heart Scholarship
  • Brother Romuald Endowed Scholarship
  • Brother Mark Thornton Scholarship
  • Waters Tuition Aid Fund
  • Chris D. Briede Memorial Scholarship
  • Alfred S. Lippman ’56 Scholarship


Below is a list of partially funded endowments as of January 1, 2017:

  • Class of 1992 Scholarship
  • Lassere Family Scholarship