Since 1854 • Bay St. Louis, MISSISSIPPI

Hall of Fame

The Saint Stanislaus Hall of Fame is an honored and cherished tradition and a distinctive way of recognizing and celebrating ladies and gentlemen who have demonstrated outstanding character, dedication, leadership, and service to Saint Stanislaus during their years of association with the school. The lives and accomplishments of these generous men and ladies are considered an inspiration to the students, faculty and staff of Saint Stanislaus.

A Hall of Fame nominee should be a graduate, staff member, parent or friend who is or has been closely associated with Saint Stanislaus and renowned for his/her achievements and dedication to the Mission of the school. A living nominee must be graduated from Saint Stanislaus at least ten years, and if not a graduate, a nominee must have been associated with the school for at least five years. Inductees are honored during alternate years at the Hall of Fame Liturgy, Brunch and Induction Ceremony on campus.

Seventy-seven outstanding and dedicated ladies and gentlemen are currently members of the Saint Stanislaus Hall of Fame. Potential names for nomination for future Hall of Fame Inductions may be submitted to Mrs. Susan Estrade, Alumni Director, at Saint Stanislaus at Nominations are to be submitted as typed biographical information and should include detailed reasons for the person’s nomination. Particularly significant is an explanation regarding how the nominee has modeled the teachings of the Brothers of the Sacred Heart and how that person has been a positive influence of the Mission of Saint Stanislaus.

Mr. Andre J. Arceneaux, Sr. ’52
Mr. E.J. Arceneaux, Sr. *
Mr. Ronnie Artigues, Sr. ’60
Mr. David Assaf, Jr. ’40 *
Bro. Eduardo Baldioceda, S.C.
Mr. Marshall Ballard, Jr. ’29 *
Bro. Lee Barker, S.C.
Bro. Peter Basso, S.C. *
Mr. Louis J. Blaize ’22 *
Mr. Reginald N. Blaize, Jr. ’29 *
Col. Felix A. Blanchard ’42 *
Capt. Roger M. Boh, Jr. ’43 *
Mr. Henry J. Bonura ’27 *
Mr. Edmond M. Brignac, Jr. ’48
Mr. James J. Bryan, Sr. ’41 *
Fr. Stanislaus Buteux *
Dr. Norbert A. Carnovale ’50 *
Fr. James Carter, SJ ’44
Fr. Dennis Carver ’70
Mr. Jose M. Castro Odio ’33
Dr. Sidney A. Chevis ’63
Mr. Earle J. Christenberry, Jr. ’45 *
Mr. Louis B. Claverie ’21 *
Mr. Forster Commagere *
Bro. Ramon Daunis, S.C. ’47
Bro. Joseph Donovan, S.C.
Hon. Edward A. Dufresne, Jr. ’56 *
Bishop Leo F. Fahey 1914 *
Mr. William Foster, Jr. ’31 *
Bro. Aquin Gauthier, S.C. *
Mrs. Virginia Alexander Gex*
Mr. Walter J. Gex, Jr. 1924 *
Mr. Harry C. Glover, Jr. ’28 *
Mr. J. Norton Haas, Sr. ’25 *
Mr. Michael D. Haas, Sr. ’51 *
Fr. Eugene J. Hebert, SJ ’41 *
Bro. John Hotstream, SC ’55
Mr. William P. Kenny ’43 *
Mr. Joseph L. Killeen, Jr. ’44 *
Bro. Alexis Klee, S.C. *
Mr. Ben Kleinpeter ‘45
Mr. Linus A. Koenenn, Sr. 1915*
Mr. James T. LaNasa, Sr. ’47 *
Bro. Noel Lemmon, S.C.
Dr. Jean B. Lescale 1912 *
Bro. Leonard Levell, S.C. *
Dr. Vincent N. Liberto ‘51
Hon. Robert L. Lobrano ‘61
Mr. James P. Martin ‘46
Abbot Matthew C. Martin, OSB ’44 *
Dr. Andrew K. Martinolich, Jr. ‘46 *
Bro. Loyola Mattingly, S.C. *
Mr. Joseph E. Monti ‘70
Bro. Athanasius Mooney, S.C. *
Bro. Paul Mulligan, SC
Bro. Stephen O’Hanlan, S.C. *
Bro. Edmund O’Hara, S.C. *
Mr. Oscar E. Pacheco Ortiz ‘42
Mr. Milton A. Phillips ’21 *
Bro. Pierre St. Pierre, S.C. *
Bro. Casimir Piskorowski, S.C. *
Bro. Romuald Robitaille, S.C. *
Mr. John A. Scafidi, Sr. ’29 *
Deacon Gilbert R. Schmidt ‘51
Mr. Gerard L. Schoen ’47 *
Mr. Marchmont A. Schwartz ’27 *
Mr. James E. Smith ’45 *
Mr. Cyprian A. Sporl, Jr. ’23 *
Mr. Lucien M. Gex, Sr. ’25 *
Bishop J. Terry Steib, SVD
Mr. C. J. Pete Taylor ’39 *
Mr. James C. Thriffiley III
Mr. David A. Treutel, Sr. ‘53
Mr. Nathan B. Tycer ’17 *
Mr. Berchmans S. Wilbert, Sr. ’23 *
Dr. Marion J. Wolfe, Sr. ’23 *
Mrs. Beverly Zimmerman*

* Deceased