Since 1854 • Bay St. Louis, MISSISSIPPI

Brothers of Sacred Heart

    In 1821, Father André Coindre, founded the Institute of the Brothers of the Sacred Heart to rescue young people from ignorance, to prepare them for life, and to give them a knowledge and love of religion.

    In the spirit of evangelism that marked the period, the founding of the Institute expressed a response to the needs of the time and place on behalf of neglected and dechristianized youth.

    Father Coindre wanted the members of the Institute to be brothers living the values specific to the religious life and committing themselves in a stable way to the service of the Church and society [Source: Rule of Life, the Constitutions of the Brothers of the Sacred Heart]. 

    In 1847, five Brothers were sent to minister in Mobile in the United States. The Brothers’ work did not remain limited to Mobile for very long. In the mid-1850’s, Father Stanislaus Buteux, pastor of Our Lady of The Gulf parish in Bay Saint Louis, traveled to France to request that Brothers be sent to his parish to open a school for boys.

    Today, the Brothers of the Sacred Heart of the New Orleans Province serve on school faculties in Mobile, Alabama; St. Michael’s, Arizona; Bay Saint Louis, Mississippi; and Baton Rouge, Houma, New Orleans, and Thibodaux in Louisiana.