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When is the paper due, what time is the game and what’s for lunch? Those are important questions on all of our minds—students and teachers alike.

Be sure to check out the Daily Assignments now located on our school calendar. Look for an event labeled HW. Clicking on HW brings up a pop-up. Clicking on “more details,” and then “Daily Assignmentsxxxxxx” brings you to the new assignments document.

Also, check out the Daily Announcements and Lunch Menu and you’ll always be “in the know.”

Service Program Requirements

In an attempt to help you put your faith into action, SSC maintains a student service program.  You are required to participate in the service program each year you attend SSC.  Details about the program may be found here.


Summer Reading List

2018 Summer Reading List

Homecoming and Prom Date Dress Code

In order to students to learn how to develop social life skills in a healthy and modest environment, we provide below an elaboration on the “Dance Regulations” as listed in the Guide to Life (p. 67).  This relates in particular to the understanding that an SSC student is responsible for his date while at the dance.

Young ladies in attendance, both students at OLA or from other schools, are expected to abide by the following guidelines.  Any student deemed to be in violation of these guidelines may be refused entry to the dance.

1)       Not cut below the bust line

2)       No excessive cleavage

3)       Front neckline no lower than 5 inches from the neck

4)       No backless; not below the bra line

5)       No shorter than fingertip length

6)       Slits no shorter than fingertip length

7)       Sheer material is not a covering