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Student Orientation

Student Orientation by Grade Level:  Student Orientation will be held by grade level on Monday, August 7th.  The approximately two-hour orientation sessions will begin in the small dining room of the College Café according to the schedule listed below.

The Student Orientation Schedule is as follows:
8:00 AM    –      10:00 AM      –    7th and 8th Grades
10:00 AM    –       12:00 PM      –    9th and 10th Grades
12:00 PM    –         2:00 PM      –    11th and 12th Grades

All students must be appropriately dressed in their Oxford shirts and ties, khaki pants, with appropriately-styled haircuts and clean-shaven for their orientation sessions. Students are required to be at school only for their orientation session unless they are serving as orientation volunteers.  They may leave once they have completed the orientation process, although they are also welcome to arrive at any time prior to their session and remain at school until all sessions are complete.