Since 1854 • Bay St. Louis, MISSISSIPPI

Our Identity

    History of Saint Stanislaus CollegeFounded in 1854 by the Brothers of the Sacred Heart, Saint Stanislaus is the oldest institution of learning on the Mississippi Gulf Coast. Chartered in 1870 as Saint Stanislaus College, the school became college preparatory in 1923. For over 160 years, the Brothers and faculty at Saint Stanislaus have formed more than 10,000 young men in the principles of Christian doctrine and education. These young men upon leaving Saint Stanislaus have taken their place in the world as true Men of Character.

    Our Mascot – the Rock-A-Chaw

    We often entertain the question, “Exactly what is a Rock-A-Chaw, anyway?” The best description of our small, but fierce mascot comes from the History of St. Stanislaus written by Brother Xavier Werneth, SC:

    Rock-A-ChawRock-A-Chaw comes from an old Choctaw word meaning devil grass, and it refers to the pesky little sand burrs that abounded on campus before the lawns were cultivated. For years, College students conscientiously removed the cockleburs from their playing fields where the prolific prickly weeds sprung up naturally in the sandy soil that was ideal for them. Sometimes St. Stanislaus students dragged woolen blankets across the fields before a game to pick up the Rock-A-Chaws that stuck with their small sharp spikes.”