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Senior Recognition Ceremony

Members of the Saint Stanislaus Class of 2015 received awards for outstanding academic achievement during the school’s 2015 Senior Recognition Ceremony, held on May 24, in the Saint Stanislaus College Café. The annual event recognizes seniors who have merited special awards and achievements. Members of the Class of 2015 whose fathers, grandfathers, great great-grandfathers, and older brothers who were also Saint Stanislaus graduates were recognized with Family Legacy Certificates.

Approximately 90% of this year’s senior class has thus far earned college scholarships totaling in excess of $10.5 million dollars. Our seniors were accepted to 84 colleges and universities and they will accept $1,835,924 of the awarded scholarships. Of the $1,835,924 being used, $1,390,190 of the accepted scholarships is merit based and $445,734 is athletic scholarships.

Twenty-seven seniors were presented plaques for maintaining Alpha & President’s Honor Roll status throughout their high school careers.

  • For two years of Alpha Honor Roll: Reid Horstmyer, Evan Lundgren, Michael Mayeaux, Samuel Reeder, Nicholas Romano, Jeffery Taylor, Matthew Tucker-Varas, and Billy Zhang
  • For three years of Alpha Honor Roll: Aric Carter, Ryan Gibson, James Luffey, Alex Myrick, and Alexander Romano
  • For four years of Alpha Honor Roll: Patrick McRaney, Noah Nicaud, Andrew Ramsey, and Daniel Wikoff
  • For two years of President’s Honor Roll and two years of Alpha Honor Roll: Brady Copeland and Jeremy Irwin
  • For two years of President’s Honor Roll and one year of Alpha Honor Roll: Blake Raziano
  • For three years of President’s Honor Roll and one year of Alpha Honor Roll: Nicholas Bulot, Diego Cuadros, Jacob Johns, and Jerrod Rigby
  • For four years of President’s Honor Roll: Jonathon Artigues, Dylan Devenny, and William Janowsky III.

Honor Roll PlaquesPlaques were presented to those seniors who have demonstrated academic excellence throughout their high school years at Saint Stanislaus in eight academic disciplines. The academic excellence awards were received by:
Daniel Wikoff – Excellence in Art
Jonathon Artigues – Excellence in English
Jacob Johns – Excellence in Foreign Language and Religion
Dylan Devenny – Excellence in Mathematics and Music
William Janowsky – Excellence in Science and Social StudiesAcademic ExcellenceSenior members of the Brother Peter Basso, SC Chapter of the National Honor Society were introduced and recognized. These include Jonathon Artigues (Honors Diploma Candidate), Samuel Booth, Nicholas Bulot (Honors Diploma Candidate), Aric Carter, Brady Copeland, (Honors Diploma Candidate), Diego Cuadros (Honors Diploma Candidate), Dylan Devenny (Honors Diploma Candidate), Ryan Gibson, Reid Horstmyer, Jeremy Irwin (Honors Diploma Candidate), William Janowsky (Honors Diploma Candidate), Payten Jaynes, Jacob Johns (Honors Diploma Candidate), Zachary Ladner, Elijah Logan, James Luffey (Honors Diploma Candidate), Evan Lundgren, Michael Mayeaux, Patrick McRaney (Honors Diploma Candidate), Alexander Myrick, Noah Nicaud (Honors Diploma Candidate), Andrew Ramsey (Honors Diploma Candidate), Blake Raziano (Honors Diploma Candidate), Samuel Reeder, Nicholas Reverie (Honors Diploma Candidate), Jerrod Rigby (Honors Diploma Candidate), Alexander Romano (Honors Diploma Candidate), Nicholas Romano, Jeffery Taylor, Matthew Tucker-Varas, Daniel Wikoff (Honors Diploma Candidate), and Luliang Zhang.


William Janowsky received a certificate recognizing his achieving National Merit Commended Student status.

Janowsky Commended Student

Dylan Devenny and Mr. Jordan Roy were recognized as the school’s STAR Student and STAR Teacher with the Mississippi Economic Council’s Student-Teacher Achievement Recognition (STAR) Program.


The Class of 2015 Family Legacies are as follows:

  • Jonathon Artigues, his father, Mr. Ronald J. Artigues, Jr., class of 1984; his grandfathers, Mr. Ronald J. Artigues, Sr., class of 1960 and posthumously, Mr. Lucien M. Gex, Jr., class of 1950; and, posthumously, his great grandfathers, Mr. Maurice J. Artigues, class of 1932 and Mr. Lucien M. Gex, class of 1924.
  • Jordan Bradford III and his father, Mr. Jordan Bradford, Jr., class of 1985.
  • Aric Carter and his brothers, Lt. Michael Carter, class of 2010 and Mr. Perré Carter, class of 2013.
  • Diego Cuadros and his brother, Mr. Julian Cuadros, class of 2014.
  • Charles Graves and his brother, Mr. Wade Graves, class of 2011.
  • Adam Guillot and his brother, Mr. Joseph Guillot, class of 2014.
  • Kevin Haas II and his brother, Mr. Wesley Haas, class of 2011.
  • Henry Halphen and his brother, Mr. Nicholas Halphen, class of 2011.
  • Evan Hotard and his brother, Mr. Paul Hotard, class of 2009.
  • Jeremy Irwin and his brother, Mr. John Irwin, class of 2008.
  • Jacob Johns and his father, Mr. Matthew Johns, class of 1986.
  • Elijah Luke Logan, his father Mr. Mark Logan, class of 1986; and, posthumously his great grandfather, Mr. John Egloff, class of 1926.
  • Michael Mayeaux and his brothers, 2nd Lt. Matthew Mayeaux, class of 2009; Mr. Christian Mayeaux, class of 2010; and, Mr. Jeremy Mayeaux, class of 2013.
  • Alexander Myrick and his brother, Mr. Nicholas Myrick, class of 2011.
  • Noah Nicaud, his father, Mr. Lloyd Nicaud, class of 1989; his grandfather, Mr. Raymond E. Kidd, Jr.; and, his great grandfather, Mr. Raymond E. Kidd, Sr., class of 1933.
  • Samuel Reeder and his brothers, Mr. Maxwell Reeder, class of 2009; and, Mr. Jack Reeder, class of 2011.
  • Charles Jeffery Rhodes II, his father, Mr. Charles “Rocky” Rhodes, Sr., class of 1988; and, his grandfather, Mr. Charles E. “Dusty” Rhodes, class of 1964.
  • Jerrod Rigby, his father, Mr. Gerald Rigby Jr., class of 1980; his grandfather, Mr. Gerald Rigby, Sr., class of 1957; and, his great grandfather, Mr. Raymond E. Kidd, Sr., class of 1933.
  • Alexander Romano and his brother, Mr. Nicholas Romano, class of 2014.
  • Nicholas Romano and his brother, Mr. Alexander Romano, class of 2010.
  • Jeffery Taylor and his grandfather, Dr. Frank L. Schmidt, class of 1950.
  • Matthew Tucker-Varas and his grandfather, honorary graduate, Mr. Jerry Romig.
  • Daniel Wikoff, and his brother, Mr. Bingham Wikoff, class of 2013.
  •  Zachary Zuppardo and his brother, Mr. John Zuppardo, class of 2011.