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SSC ACT Average Continues to Rise

Class of 2017 Surpasses All Previous ACT Averages

We are proud to announce that 100% of our seniors have taken the ACT at least once and a number of them have tenaciously taken it multiple times to attain the score they were aiming for.  The resulting scores are the best we have seen since we started using the ACT test (see the 5 year comparison chart above).  In fact, not only ACT numbers impressive, but we have seen remarkable grit among our seniors who have pursued their college goals and not settled for mediocre ACT results.  The average improvement in score from their first time taking the ACT to their last among our seniors is 3.5 points!  The national average improvement for students taking the test more than once is 2.9.  In addition, 22% percent of students nationally saw their scores decrease after the first test, whereas none of our students’ scores decreased from one test to the next.

Our seniors took the ACT at SSC early in the year and scored a solid 23.5, but have since increased their class average to 24.7.

* Top 5% of the class scored an average of 33, with two students scoring a near-perfect 35

 * Top 25% achieved an astonishing average of 31

* Middle 25% earned an average of 21

* Bottom 10% scored 18, which is 0.4 higher than the state of Mississippi’s seniors’ overall average scores last year!

NOTE: Data for MS and nation not yet available for 2017. Also, several of our students intend to take the ACT again, so we could see even higher scores.