Since 1854 • Bay St. Louis, MISSISSIPPI


The interscholastic athletics program is a Sports_Davon H FBproud part of the Saint Stanislaus heritage and an extension of our educational program. We encourage campus visitors to stop by the main administration building for an up-close look at the 1945 Heisman trophy awarded to Saint Stanislaus alumnus Felix “Doc” Blanchard.

We offer a variety of team and individual sports and have earned seven athletic state championship titles since 2010.  Faculty members perform dual roles of teacher and coach under the direction of the principal and the athletic director.

The objectives of the athletic program at Saint Stanislaus are to:

  • Develop in a student the ability to think both as an individual and as a member of a group;
  • Improve his motor skills, general health and physical fitness;
  • Instill in him the desire to excel and succeed;
  • Cultivate an appreciation of wholesome recreation and entertainment;
  • Challenge him to live out high moral and ethical standards;
  • Foster self-discipline and emotional maturity;
  • Teach him respect for the rights of others and for authority;
  • Inspire him to live the high ideals of fairness in all human relationships; and
  • Promote high standards of school loyalty and wholesome school spirit.