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Boyology: The study of boys

Boyology is a school of thought that strives to understand how boys think, behave and learn. Since its founding in 1821, the institute of the Brothers of the Sacred Heart has dedicated itself to rescuing young people from ignorance, to prepare them for life, and to give them a knowledge and love of religion. Throughout this endeavor, the Brothers have amassed a wealth of knowledge regarding the education and formation of boys – effectively becoming the preeminent experts on boys.

This section of our website is meant to serve as a resource for parents, teachers and counselors who are looking for guidance when it comes to understanding boys and how best to deal with raising and educating them. Through this invaluable resource, the wisdom that the Brothers have gained over the years and that the lay Saint Stanislaus faculty imparts on its students today is now being shared with the world.

Boyology on the radio

One of the legends of Saint Stanislaus is Brother Peter Basso, who, through the 1920’s, 30’s, and 40’s, established Saint Stanislaus as a ‘school of character’ and was a fore-runner of character formation; many schools followed his lead.

boyology, Bro. Peter

Bro. Peter lectures students about boyology during his weekly Children’s Hour in 1939.

He put the school on the national map with a series of radio talks on the psychology of adolescent males. Invitations poured in from schools and civic clubs across the country for him to speak on what he called “boyology.” We still have a photo of him in his radio studio with students of all ages. They were here during a period of much campus construction, so they were familiar with wooden forms braced together to shape the concrete the workers poured into them.

Never one to miss an opportunity to give a lesson on character, Bro. Peter told the students, “These forms represent the rules of discipline to which you are subjected. The soft concrete represents your character. How long will these forms remain there? Only until the concrete hardens enough so the wall will stand of its own strength. If these forms were not there, the concrete would run over the ground and form a shapeless mass that would be useless when it hardened. So the rules or the discipline remains just long enough for your character to form, to harden, to learn to stand alone.” For the Brothers, structures that build character and accountability have always been a major building block of Saint Stanislaus.

Boyology revived

Brother Bernard Couvillion, campus minister, expanded Brother Peter’s Boyology beyond psychology to theology. They wrote a series of brief radio scripts (menu on left side of this page) that express the faith that Saint Stanislaus’ present-day Brothers and lay partners have in the dignity and potential of adolescent boys. They are, as it were, a ‘God’s-eye-view’ that sees the deeper worth of their students. The boyology scripts express Saint Stanislaus’ mission, based on deep love, to accept responsibility for forming boys into men in the perspective of their eternal destiny. Brush up on your boyology with Ch. 1 – The Way of Trust.