Since 1854 • Bay St. Louis, MISSISSIPPI

Clubs and Organizations

_R4A4315“We see extracurricular activities, including athletics, as ways of extending the apostolate of Christian education outside the classroom. These activities reflect and reinforce the philosophy and policies of the school. In their roles as moderators and coaches, teachers have additional opportunities to influence the lives of students. They guide students and provide personal attention in ways that they may not be able to in usual classroom situations.”

– Educational Mission & Ministry
New Orleans Province of the
Brothers of the Sacred Heart

Band Mr. Nathan Shuffitt
Cheerleading Mrs. Carla Rittiner
Drama Club Ms. Christine Harris
International Club Mr. Matt Neeb
Key Club
Magic Club Bro. Lee Barker
Math & Science Team Mr. Jordan Roy
Math Club/Math Counts Mr. Jordan Roy
National Honor Society Ms. Anna Brannin
National Junior Honor Society Ms. Anna Brannin
Quiz Bowl Mrs. Jennifer Kayes
Radio Club Bro. Eduardo Baldioceda
RC Club Mr. Dan Zwerg
Robotics Club Mr. Jeff Anderson
 SCUBA Club Dr. Maureen Hillard
Student Council Ms. Anna Brannin
Student Ministry Bro. Bernard Couvillion
Yearbook Mr. and Ms. Sara Duvernay and Mr. Aaron Dunklin
Youth Legislature/Junior Assembly