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Rock Workshops

In the tradition of formation of the entire student, the Guidance Department oversees the Rock Workshop program.  Rock Workshop is an enrichment program covering a variety of topics that may not already be addressed in a regular classroom setting.  This aspect of formation goes to the core of our work with the young men entrusted to our care because it addresses the personal habits and characteristics we believe are essential for them to develop so that they can grow into the men God has created them to be.

Every other Wednesday (except for exam weeks) students meet in grade level workshops for 50 minutes.  In the first semester, we focus on the Cambridge Education Test Prep System to better prepare our students for the many standardized tests they will see in high school.  Test prep will be personalized for each grade and ability level, so each student will receive what he needs to be more successful.

In the second semester, we discuss a wide range of topics including:

  • Character Formation
  • Life and Social Skills
  • Academic Skills and Study Habits
  • History of Saint Stanislaus and the Brothers of the Sacred Heart

The options for group discussion are limitless and will help each young man grow into the well-rounded man of character God calls him to be.  Our goals for this program are to:

  • Help teachers develop relationships with students in an environment that is devoid of grades and therefore purely focused on development of the individual.
  • Allow teachers to offer personal attention to students, which has the potential of leading to improved relationships and deeper school community.
  • Give students the opportunity to broaden their horizons with practical life lessons.

Specific subtopics that groups may cover include but are not limited to:

Honesty/Integrity Public Speaking
Being Grateful The Art of Conversation
Effective Study Habits Respect for Women
Proper Dress & Grooming Positive Thinking
Human Dignity Preparing for College Life
Citizenship & Service Etiquette
Social Media Responsibility Mindfulness
Grit & Perseverance

We look forward to working with your son to help him achieve his God-given potential!

In His Heart,

Erich W. Hoffer
Director of Guidance