Hall of Fame

The Saint Stanislaus Hall of Fame Award is bestowed upon an individual, living or deceased, who has demonstrated outstanding character, dedication, leadership, service, heroism, and patriotism and whose life and accomplishments can be considered an inspiration to the students, faculty, and staff of Saint Stanislaus.  Inductees are honored at the Hall of Fame Liturgy, and Induction Ceremony.

Members of the Hall of Fame

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Eligibility Requirements:  A Saint Stanislaus Hall of Fame nominee must be a graduate, staff member, parent, civic leader, or friend who is closely associated with Saint Stanislaus and renowned for his or her achievements.  A living nominee must be associated with Saint Stanislaus for at least five years. Nominations are retained and considered for three consecutive years.  Therefore, it is not necessary to resubmit a nomination that has previously been submitted during this time period.  However, additional individuals may nominate a person whose name is already in nomination.

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For questions regarding the Saint Stanislaus Hall of Fame, please contact Sam Doescher, Alumni Director.

The Saint Stanislaus
Hall of Fame Welcomes
Mrs. Susan R. Estrade

With a Liturgy and Induction Ceremony, we welcomed Mrs. Susan R. Estrade into the Saint Stanislaus Hall of Fame on Saturday, February 26, 2022. Susan has faithfully served Saint Stanislaus and the young people of this community her entire life. Susan is a dedicated member of our school community who demonstrates daily the values that Saint Stanislaus instills in its students.

Pictured (L: R) William S. App, Jr., ’61 Emeritus, Susan Estrade, Brother Barry Landry, SC, President