Glowing Reputation 1870 – 1903


Outstanding Educational Institution

Saint Stanislaus Commercial College, as the Brothers’ school became known, had already built a solid reputation as an outstanding institution. The college produced exceptional graduating classes and received excellent press coverage from the local media including The New Orleans Times.

1871 – 1890

College Buys Land And Expands Campus

In 1891, the College hired architect James Freret to design a façade with beautiful arches and matching galleries to tie the look of all of the buildings together. Local contractor Charles Sanger carried out the plan giving Saint Stanislaus a grand and imposing campus complex that was the pride of the province and the city.

1889 – 1893

Academic Awards In Paris (1889) And Chicago (1893)

For the Paris Exposition in 1889, students at Saint Stanislaus Commercial College prepared an extensive exhibit. This 1889 exhibition in Paris brought international acclaim to Saint Stanislaus when the Jury of Examiners in France awarded the College a Silver Medal, the highest award granted to single schools and colleges. In 1893 Saint Stanislaus students made a display of their work at the Catholic Educational Exhibit at the Chicago Exposition. For their outstanding achievements displayed in Chicago, the students at Saint Stanislaus were awarded medals and diplomas.

1890 – 1893

Professor Peter Hemmersbach, First Lay Faculty Member (1890) – Music Expansion

Professor Peter J. Hemmersbach, a graduate of Cologne Conservatory in Germany, became the first full-time lay faculty member at Saint Stanislaus. He replaced Brother Marie Germain Carcenac as the music teacher. In 1891, his brother, Professor John Hemmersbach, took over as department head. By 1893, the two professors Hemmersbach had expanded the music program to include the Beethoven Orchestra, the Saint Stanislaus Orchestra, two Brass Bands, a Mandolin Club, St. Cecilia’s Choral Union, and the Glee Club.


Athletics Programs Take Off

Gymnastics and football were popular, but baseball was the favorite sport among the students during the 1890s. By 1901 Saint Stanislaus had seven baseball teams: the Elks, Orioles, Pelicans, Eagles, Buffaloes, Cardinals, and the Crescents.


Saint Stanislaus Home To International Community

In 1900, 178 students enrolled in Saint Stanislaus. Most students came from Louisiana and Mississippi, but there were ten foreign students from Mexico, Honduras, Nicaragua, Cuba, and Puerto Rico.


Fire Devastates The Campus

In just about one hour, fire totally consumed the front buildings on the Saint Stanislaus College campus. The fire alarm sounded quickly at 9:30 pm on Sunday, June 1, allowing all 150 students and Brothers to exit safely. By the time that the fire was under control, nothing remained of the main buildings but ashes.