Define Your Path

Our curriculum balances tradition and innovation, providing students with a solid foundation and flexibility.

Signature Program – Marine Science

Saint Stanislaus is fortunate to have several distinct ecosystems right in front of the school, including the brackish water estuary of the Bay, sandy beaches, and rocky coast areas. This makes Saint Stanislaus’ high school marine science program the only dynamic one on the Mississippi coast, providing students with a unique and exciting learning experience.

Educational Excellence

Our mission is to assist students in developing critical thinking skills and a lifelong commitment to education. Our educational program, along with the Advanced Placement program, is customized to achieve this goal while also providing academic resources for success in college.


Whether you prefer to work alone or in groups, the Taylor Media Center offers the necessary space and resources to support your academic pursuits.

Academic Technology

The use of technology in the classroom enhances the experience for both students and teachers, promoting creativity, collaboration, and productivity.

College Counseling

Our experienced counseling professionals help students chart a course toward their best fit for college and their future beyond


Student Support Services

Our academic assistance programs provide programs and support for students with learning needs.