Hopes for Our Graduates

The centrality of Jesus Christ is essential to faithfulness to Father Coindre’s charism. It is Father Coindre’s faith in Jesus Christ as the model of unconditional, self-sacrificial love, and as the source of true life that sustained him. His faith in Jesus Christ and Jesus’ victory over death through his resurrection convinced Father Coindre that hope of transformation for those in need must never be lost. His faith led him to see the suffering of young people in his own day as an opportunity for him and his partners to be expressions of God’s love and healing presence. With eyes of faith, he envisioned God’s love as abundant and active in his broken world and saw it inexorably leading to God’s reign being established, with all, including those who were poor, neglected or suffering, being welcomed. 

Schools operated in the charism of Father Coindre and the tradition of the Brothers of the Sacred Heart promote faith in Jesus Christ and his sacrificial love which provides an opportunity for eternal salvation. They strive to create supportive communities of prayer and service where all are respected and treated with compassion. They recognize that the development of human potential in their students in all areas—social, academic, and athletic as well as spiritual—builds hope in students and eventually can lead them to faith. Education in this charism focuses on growth of the whole person. Finally, education in the charism of Father Coindre is essentially hopeful and optimistic. It holds strongly to the conviction that transformation and redemption are never beyond God’s power. Therefore, though the consequences of individuals’ mistakes may be painful, hope for their transformation is never abandoned.

We are confident that based on their experiences as students in a Brothers of the Sacred Heart school, our graduates are becoming well-round, faith-filled, self-disciplined, compassionate, and academically prepared men and women who respond to God’s love. 

As a result of our emphasis on holistic education, we hope our graduates are well-rounded young people who: 

  • are aware of their own gifts, talents, and limitations 
  • recognize the need to continue their own spiritual, psychological, emotional, social, intellectual, and physical growth 
  • respond to God’s call to be balanced, compassionate adults. 

Because of our emphasis on spiritual growth and religious values, we hope that our students graduate with: 

  • a strong belief that God loves them 
  • a willingness to respond to Jesus’ directive to love one another 
  • a commitment to compassion, justice, and service 
  • a desire for a deeper relationship with God through prayer 
  • an intentional integration of faith and daily life 
  • an understanding of the teachings and traditions of the Catholic Church 
  • a willingness to become active members in their local church communities. 

Because of our efforts at firm and friendly discipline, we hope that our graduates: 

  • have developed self-discipline that guides their actions 
  • are sensitive and respond with compassion to the limitations of others 
  • have respect for authority and for persons for whom they are responsible 
  • approach relationships with fairness, mutual trust, and cooperation. 

Because of the caring nature and personal attention given to our students, we hope our graduates: 

  • genuinely care for others 
  • value themselves and others as unique children of God 
  • nurture positive relationships and build community. 

As a result of our commitment to academic excellence, we hope our graduates: 

  • are intellectually curious 
  • are prepared to meet the academic demands of college and work 
  • strive to reach their intellectual potential 
  • use their intellectual gifts to serve others more effectively and generously. 

Like Father Coindre, we seek to put our trust completely in God’s Providence.  The work of educating and forming young people is ultimately God’s work, not ours. We merely seek to be his faithful instruments by acting with dynamic fidelity to the charism given by God through the Holy Spirit to Father André Coindre.   

We recognize that the needs of young people are immense and we know that we will always remain frail and flawed instruments. However, in God’s hands and in fidelity to Father Coindre’s charism, we can confidently proclaim, “Good is constantly being done.” Along with Father Coindre, “Courage and Trust” should be our motto.