Faculty and Staff

Brendan Allen

Courses: World Geography 7, U.S. History 8, Mississippi Studies

Extracurricular: Robotics

Jeff Anderson

Title: Science Department Chairperson

Courses: Biology, Chemistry (H), Chemistry

Anne Bair

Title: Admissions and Marketing Coordinator

Harriet Bellone

Courses: Religion II, Religion III

Extracurricular: Environmental Club

Elaine Bergeron, RN

Title: Registered Nurse

Andree Bonnaffons

Title: Director of Guidance

Extracurricular: Big Brother & Little Brother, Bowling

Letha Boudreaux

Title: Marine Science Program Director

Courses: Marine Science, Marine Science II

Extracurricular: Klagetoh Mission Trips

Betsy Brennan

Courses: Religion I, Religion IV

Extracurricular: Student Ministry, Karios

Robbie Brewer

Title: Director of Facilities, Student Worker Program Supervisor

Jeremy Clark'98

Title: Director of Admissions

Extracurricular: Student Ambassadors

Brandon Cobb'09

Title: Associate Director of Admissions

Courses: Health

Extracurricular: Student Ambassadors

Brad Corley

Courses: Algebra I, Algebra I (H), Geometry (H)

Extracurricular: Head Baseball Coach

D.P. Daigle

Title: Director of Student Activities

Courses: Economics, English III

Extracurricular: Head Cross Country Coach

Sam Doescher

Title: Summer Camp Director, Facilities Rentals Coordinator

Courses: Economics, Personal Finance

Irby Dossett'14

Courses: English 7, English 8

Extracurricular: Assistant Baseball Coach, Junior High Football

Sandra Farrior

Title: Assistant to Dean of Students, Main Office Secretary

Joe Gex'88

Title: Alumni Director

Courses: U.S. History

Kyla Grace

Title: Librarian

Extracurricular: National Honor Society, National Junior Honor Society

Daniel Grieves'11

Title: Campus Minister

Courses: Religion 7, Physical Education

Extracurricular: Head Basketball Coach, Student Ministry

John Haberman

Courses: European History (AP), US Government (AP), US History (AP), World History (H)

Extracurricular: Head Junior High Basketball Coach, Football

Christine Harris

Title: English Department Chairperson

Courses: English II (H), English IV, English IV (H), English IV (AP), Yearbook

Extracurricular: International Club

Jennifer Kayes

Courses: English III (AP), English III (H), French I, French II

Extracurricular: French Honor Society, Varsity Quiz Bowl

Shiloh Lanphear

Courses: Spanish I, II, World History

Extracurricular: Football, Junior High Baseball

Cathy Lawson

Courses: Ceramics, Health, Visual Arts I

Extracurricular: eSports

Mark Logan'86

Courses: Entrepreneurship, ICT II, Religion 8

Extracurricular: Head Golf, Football

Pedro Maciel'09

Title: Director of Residency / Travel & Activity Director

Therese Mancevski

Title: College Counselor, Testing Coordinator

Courses: College and Career Planning

Extracurricular: Bowling

Stace McRaney

Title: Athletic Director

Courses: World History 9

Extracurricular: Head Junior High Football and Baseball Coach

Glenn Melville

Courses: Academic Assistance, Pre-Algebra, US History 8

Extracurricular: Junior High Football

Brian Murphy

Title: Director of Advancement

Extracurricular: Lacrosse

Sandra Odom

Title: Assistant to the President / Assistant to the Advancement Team

Daniel Rorabaugh

Title: Band Director

Courses: Advanced Band, Beginning Band, Band II, Percussion

Jordan Roy

Title: Mathematics Department Chairperson

Courses: Algebra II (H), Calculus (AP), Trig/Pre-Calculus, Trig/Pre Calculus (H)

Extracurricular: Mu Alpha Theta

Seth Rugg

Courses: Modern World History, Junior High Physical Education

Connor Sutherlin

Courses: English 8, English I, English I (H), English II, English II (H)

Extracurricular: eSports, Junior High Soccer

Ramone Tate'13

Courses: Physical Education, Religion 8

Extracurricular: Varsity Basketball, JV Basketball

Kristen Tusa

Courses: Psychology, Study Skills 7, Academic Assistance

Extracurricular: Key Club, Student Council

Zach Villarrubia

Courses: STEM, Science 8

Extracurricular: Head Soccer Coach, Track

Freddy West'91

Courses: Biology (H), Intro to Construction, Science 7

Dan Zwerg

Title: Director of Technology

Courses: Aviation

Extracurricular: Head Sailing Coach, Remote Control Club