High School

Welcome to Saint Stanislaus High School  

Saint Stanislaus welcomes new members to our high school program. The transition from middle school to high school represents a significant event in the lives of these young men, one that necessitates support from teachers, parents, counselors, and administrators. The progression to high school is a critical juncture for students – a time when the academic and social demands are high. We are ready to help our students make this successful transition. 


The Saint Stanislaus academic program offers courses that meet a broad scope of students’ interests and needs. Our rigorous and varied curriculum in English, foreign languages, mathematics, science, and social studies prepares our students for success in college and their future careers. Our students are challenged to discover their individual potential, set goals, and accomplish these goals with the support of our teachers, administrators, counselors, and staff. The foundations and expectations for academic success are established in the middle school years and expanded, annually, as the student progresses toward graduation.  

Upon completing the required core curriculum in the seventh grade, students are individually recommended for Pre-Algebra or Algebra I in the eighth-grade year. The strong academic curriculum in the seventh and eighth grades prepares students to transition into High School. Students entering their Freshman year at Saint Stanislaus choose a foreign language and arts credit. As they move forward in their sophomore, junior, and senior years, a wide variety of electives in the subject areas of Science, Technology, Business, Art, Band, Life Skills, Foreign Language, Social Studies and Finance are available to augment the core curriculum requirements.  


Graduation Requirements 

Honors and Advanced Placement Classes 

Saint Stanislaus is proud to challenge academically qualified students by offering Honors and Advanced Placement courses. To encourage our students to work toward their potential, and to provide opportunities for a broader education, we provide an honors program for students in their sophomore, junior, and senior years. While honors classes are offered beginning in the eighth grade, a qualified student officially enrolls in the Honors Program at the beginning of the tenth grade. Upon completing the honors curriculum, he will receive an honors diploma at graduation.  

Advanced Placement (AP) classes are also available to students beginning in the sophomore year. Participation in both AP and Honors classes is contingent upon recommendation from faculty and administration and both require dedication and diligence from the student. College credit is available to students who perform well on the AP final assessment. 

Honors and AP Courses

Benefits of AP Courses


Along with academics, we highly encourage our high school students to participate in our many sports teams, clubs, and activities. We want our students to be engaged in the classroom and in activities outside of the classroom. On the athletic field, we offer fourteen varsity-level sports programs ranging from time-honored sports such as baseball, football, and basketball to new additions including esports and lacrosse. We also have several club activities including robotics, radio, board games, drama, and magic. Saint Stanislaus offers a wide variety of sports and activities for our students.   


Community service is a deep-seated part of the Saint Stanislaus experience. The Saint Stanislaus Service Program helps students put their faith into action as we guide students to develop empathy and a desire to help others.  High school students meet their service requirements by volunteering in various activities in our local community or in their community at home. More information regarding our service program may be found here.


Across the street from Saint Stanislaus is Our Lady of Academy, an all-girls high school. The girls from OLA are active in athletic and social events with our students. They participate in our homecoming events, cheer at our games, and attend our social functions throughout the year.  


Your high school days will be days you will always remember. The classmates you will meet, the activities you will participate in, and the faculty that will teach you will all create special memories for you. You enter as a young freshman learning about yourself and the world around you. You leave as a young adult with your diploma prepared to enter college or the workforce in four short years. As you graduate and move on to your next adventure, you will carry a special bond with your classmates, faculty, and alumni.     

The Saint Stanislaus experience is a special one. We invite you to be a part of the Rock-A-Chaw community.