“We need to find a way to embrace all forms of technology in the classroom and use them to our advantage. By training students to use technology appropriately and effectively and providing opportunities for them to reach learning targets through its usage, we create a situation in which students are engaged in learning.” – Brad Kuntz, ASCD

Saint Stanislaus views technology as one of the many tools employed in the educational process. As we prepare our students for full participation in the 21st century, we utilize our technology resources to enhance and expand the critical thinking skills introduced throughout our curriculum.

Juniors and seniors at Saint Stanislaus can choose from a number of computer electives. In addition to basic courses such as keyboarding and computer applications, students can also study graphic design, web design, digital media, coding, and AP Computer Science Principles.


Saint Stanislaus strives to ensure that our students have the academic knowledge and personal competence for college and for life. According to the US Department of Commerce, STEM occupations (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) are growing at a rate of 24%, while other occupations are growing at 4%. Education in STEM promotes critical thinking, building science literacy, develops skills needed for teamwork, and creates innovators.

As part of our commitment to STEM education, Saint Stanislaus built a brand new STEM lab and classroom in the fall of 2021. Our 21st-century classroom and lab are designed with the needs of students in mind, and are designed to accommodate gateway courses in physical sciences as well as STEM. Here at Saint Stanislaus we are constantly evaluating how we deliver a world-class education while looking to the future.