Saint Stanislaus Advantage

More Than a Location

Saint Stanislaus is more than just a location. It is a community. Saint Stanislaus has been a part of the Bay St. Louis community since 1854. We are a part of the fabric of the area. Our students are well respected as well as the local alumni who make-up a significant number of the local population. We are Rock-A-Chaws! 

“We grow in the spirit of brotherhood through a common search for God. Together we discover the Lord and his gifts building up the community through people and events.”

Father Coindre & Rule of Life (1821)

Career Opportunities

Saint Stanislaus is located right in the center of the economic boom in the south. This economic activity will create many new high paying jobs in the area. Your son will be in contact with local business community, Saint Stanislaus graduates, and SSC faculty to begin building his network for his professional career.

The Perfect Place for an Education 

Saint Stanislaus offers your son the perfect place to gain his education. 

Ask Yourself – Location, Location, Location

  • Do you want your son in a cold and dreary climate?  
  • Do you want your son in a large city environment where he has to lock his door and chain his bike?   
  • Do you want your son where he has to take public transportation to town?   
  • Do you want your son in a large and impersonal city? 

Or – The Saint Stanislaus Experience

  • Do you want your son in a sunny and friendly environment? 
  • Do you want your son in a small neighborhood town where he can walk to the ice cream shop safely?   
  • Do you want your son where he can walk across the street to the sandy beaches of the Gulf of Mexico?  
  • Do you want your son in a community of fellow graduates and neighbors that know one another? 

Lower Cost of Tuition

Why pay more? Saint Stanislaus can offer an excellent academic environment in a safe and secure environment without the high cost of tuition charged by other academic institutions operating in high costs states such as Illinois or New York.

The Right Location at the Right Time

Saint Stanislaus is the perfect location at the perfect time in our fast-growing southern economy. You want the best for your son – the best education in the best location. Saint Stanislaus is your answer. We are centrally located in the fastest growing part of the country. Bay St. Louis provides a safe place for your son. It a terrific place for boys to be boys. Your son obtains an excellent education on a beautiful campus and can walk to town for ice cream, dinner or walk across the street to the beaches of the Gulf of Mexico.

Why would you want to be anywhere else when you can have it all at Saint Stanislaus.