Southern Advantage

Americans are migrating south from the Northeast and the Midwest. According to LendingTree, a loan information source, Florida is the winning destination with Texas and the Carolinas not far behind.


Job availability is a big reason. As industry and manufacturing contract in the Midwest, many workers head for high-tech employment elsewhere. The south is seeing a combination of a boom in the technology and creative marketing industry, as well as a growing want for outdoor activity and green space.


Many Americans are also tired of fighting cold weather and snow. The south offers a much nicer climate with fewer interruptions due to weather delays. People can be outside and active during the winter months and enjoy the beach and water activities during the summer.

Lower Cost of Living

In addition to jobs, greater space, and warmer temperatures, lower cost of living is also a significant factor for increased migrations to the south.

Fast Growing Areas in the U.S.

Inc. Magazine Surge Cities

In 2020, Inc. Magazine released their Surge Cities. These are the 50 most startup-friendly cities in America. Almost 50% of these cities were in the south. Saint Stanislaus is located right in the middle of this dynamic economic growth.

CitiesSurge ScoreMiles from St. Stanislaus
Austin, TX#1546 miles
Raleigh, NC#3820 miles
Nashville, TN#4503 miles
Orlando, FL#9589 miles
Miami, FL#13810 miles
Jacksonville, FL#14493 miles
Dallas, TX#17541 miles
Atlanta, GA#18416 miles
Charlotte, NC#22660 miles
Tampa, FL#24600 miles
San Antonio, TX#30578 miles
Houston, TX#32578 miles
Birmingham, AL#37314 miles
New Orleans, LA#4160 miles
Memphis, TN#47377 miles

New Orleans – Silicon Valley of the South

New Orleans is remaking itself into a bona fide tech hub. Since 2006, the city has lured more than 45 high-tech startups or subsidiaries. The result is the creation of more than 20,000 jobs. According to Michael Hecht, GNO, Inc’s CEO. “We’re a low-cost, high-culture city,” Hecht says. “We’re San Francisco, but at half the cost – and with nicer people.” Mild winters and the network of city-based universities – Tulane, Loyola, and the University of New Orleans, among them – has become a prime feature of the city’s tech attraction.