Tuition & Financial Aid

Father Andre Coindre established an orphanage and trade school for homeless boys in 1820 near Lyon, France. The school became so successful that with 10 recruits he founded the Brothers of Sacred Heart on September 23, 1821. Father Coindre preached and acted upon the spirit of compassion that Jesus exemplified through his own life. By responding to the abandoned youth in the city of Lyon, Father Coindre gave of himself, of his own heart. This spirit of compassion is what motivates the Brother today. 

Saint Stanislaus carries on this spirit of compassion and asks that all interested parties, regardless of means, apply for admission. We offer a robust financial aid program that allows us to recruit the best students without regard to a family‘s ability to afford the cost of our tuition. Our Financial Aid team strives to adequately assess each individual case and to reward grants to those students in need. 

We encourage families who may need assistance to apply for financial aid.  

In the Rule of Life, community-building is a free response to one of the six gratuitous gifts of love flowing to us ultimately from God. We build community on four foundational pillars: charity, worship, apostolate and observance. Charity, the first of the “pillars of community” is a building block which grounds you as a leader of community and enables you to foster the growth of Christian community. 

Brothers of Sacred Heart — Rule of Life

95% of demonstrated financial need met 

14% of students receive financial aid 

The average grant for day students is approximately $3,000 

The average grant for resident students is approximately $9,500

2019–2020 Tuition

Domestic Boarding — $29,050 

Day  — $8,450