Financial Aid Requirements

Saint Stanislaus is committed to enrolling the most talented and deserving students regardless of their financial resources. We encourage families to review our financial aid program and submit their requests for assistance. Saint Stanislaus maintains a substantial commitment to providing financial assistance. 


financial aid 

The value of financial aid awarded is based on the funds available, the number of students applying, and the relevant financial need of each applicant. The average size of the grant is between 10% and 40% of the tuition that is due. The assistance is for tuition only. All other fees and expenses are the responsibility of the parents. While approval is for one year only, families may apply again the following year. 

student work program 

The purpose of this program is to give students a way to contribute to their financial aid by working in a variety of supervised jobs that the school would otherwise have to pay employees to do. These jobs include cleaning and light maintenance of buildings and fields. They may be done before or after school, on weekends, over holidays, during the summer, or at special school events. We will do all we can to schedule each student’s work hours in such a way as to enable him to participate in school activities or athletics. 

All recipients of aid will be required to work a number of hours based on the amount of aid awarded. We believe that the Student Work Program helps the student learn the value of money and the dignity of work, give them an appreciation of their SSC education, and enables them to contribute back to school.   

how to apply 

submit application 

Please write a letter about why you are asking for tuition assistance through the program, and why you believe your son is deserving of this assistance/participation. Day students please submit this application form.

Boarding students please contact the admissions department or call (228) 467-9057 x226 for a tuition assistance form.   


The Financial Aid Committee will meet in early summer to consider all applications. The committee’s decision is final. You will receive notification in the mail of the decision. 

For Further Assistance  

If I may assist with questions regarding financial assistance at Saint Stanislaus, please do not hesitate to contact me. I am available to answer any questions and provide additional information regarding our financial assistance program.