Great Wall of Rocks

The Great Wall of Rocks for Athletics strives to provide recognition to former student-athletes, teams, coaches, managers, administrators, and supporters for their outstanding dedication to the advancement and development of the great Saint Stanislaus College Rock-A-Chaw athletic tradition. 

The Great Wall of Rocks for Athletics has a deep history with the founder and creator, Joseph W. Gex, Jr., an alumnus of the SSC class of 1988. In 1996, Gex was appointed to the SSC Alumni Association Board of Directors. During his time as president, from 2003-12, the creation of this hall of distinction was a focus. And, the avenue for the recognition of student-athletes, coaches, administrators, and others who shaped the athletic program at SSC was born into reality. 

great wall of rocks

2016 great wall of rocks Class 

  • Juan Betanzos – SSC class of 1981 – All-SEC kicker at LSU 
  • Harry “Wop” Glover – SSC class of 1928 -Tulane football player, served 30 years as Jefferson Parish director of athletics

2011 great wall oF rocks Class

  • Henry “Zeke” Bonura – SSC class of 1927, lifetime .300 hitter in nine MLB seasons 
  • Vince Moran – SSC class of 1995 – three-sport letter winner, high school track and field All-American, state champion and record holder, high jumper, SEC high jumper at Mississippi State University 
  • 1993 Tennis Team – Division 8-4A champions 

2010 great wall of rocks Class

  • Ronald Artigues, Sr. – SSC class of 1960 – standout player and benefactor of SSC 
  • William “Billy” Waits – SSC class of 1982 – Millsaps basketball player 
  • 1990 Track and Field Team – Class 4A South State champions, finished third at state meet 

2009 great wall of rocks Class

  • Forster Commagere – Posthumous induction, SSC’s first lay coach 
  • Patrick Kergosien – SSC class of 1982 – Decathlete at USM 
  • John “Baby Grand” Scafide – SSC class of 1928 – Tulane football player and NFL player and coach, served four terms as mayor of Bay St. Louis 
  • 1991 Cross Country Team – Class 4A state champions 

2008 great wall of rocks Class

  • Walter J. “Joe” Gex, IV – SSC class of 1982 – All-State catcher at SSC, All-American catcher at Ole Miss 
  • Jimmy Oustalet – SSC class of 1971 – LSU football player and benefactor of SSC 
  • Chris Reisch – SSC class of 1991 – Ole Miss All-American in track and field 
  • Marchmont “Marchie” Scwartz – SSC class of 1927 – Notre Dame All-American and member of the College Football Hall of Fame 
  • Scott Senner – SSC class of 1980 – All-American punter at SELA, played for Dallas Cowboys and Denver Broncos 
  • 1996 Soccer Team – Class I state champions 

2007 great wall of rocks class

  • Jay Artigues – SSC class of 1987 – collegiate basketball player, coach and SELA athletic director 
  • Brother Peter Basso, SC – Posthumous induction and long-time president of SSC 
  • Michael Gemelli – SSC class of 1969 – standout three-sport player, teacher and coach at SSC 
  • Joseph “Doc” Rhodes – SSC class of 1965 – world champion powerlifter 
  • C.J. “Pete” Taylor – SSC class of 1938 – long-time USM baseball coach, where field is named in his honor, and Mississippi Sports Hall of Fame inductee 
  • 1996 Basketball Team – Division 8-4A champs, state tournament team 

2005 great wall of rocks class

  • Shannon Garrett – SSC class of 1990 – 14-year veteran of the CFL 
  • V.J. Gianelloni – SSC class of 1937 – War veteran and LSU football player 
  • Brother Louis Joseph, SC – Posthumous induction and long-time athletic director of SSC 
  • Mike Meyers – SSC class of 1969 – LA Tech football player and decorated volleyball coach 
  • Jim Smith – SSC class of 1945 – Notre Dame basketball player and benefactor of SSC 
  • 1949 SSC Boxing Team – State champions 

2004 great wall of rocks Inaugural Class

  • Col. Felix A. “Doc” Blanchard, Jr. (Ret.) – SSC class of 1942 and 1945 Heisman Trophy winner at West Point Military Academy
  • J.E. Loiacano – SSC class of 1960 and former professional football player 
  • Stephen Peterman – SSC class of 2000 and member of the 2003 LSU national championship team and NFL football player 
  • Curtis St. Mary – SSC class of 1970 and heralded high school and collegiate basketball player 
  • 1938 Football Team – Undefeated Gulf Coast champs, Toy Bowl tie 


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