Criteria for Selection

Great Wall of Rocks Nominating Procedure 

  • Any former player who is a graduate of Saint Stanislaus College may be nominated for induction from the sports of cross country, football, swimming, basketball, soccer, powerlifting, track and field, baseball, tennis, sailing and golf. 
  • The nominee must be 10 years removed from graduation to be considered. 
  • Coaches, administrators and support personnel may be nominated for induction, and they do not have to be graduates of the school.   
  • Teams may be nominated for induction into The Great Wall of Rocks as long as they are a division/conference championship team (depends on year of accomplishment) or higher and the accomplishment of the team is 10 years removed from said accomplishment. 
  • When making a nomination, one should consider the purpose of The Great Wall of Rocks for Athletics, which reads “The Great Wall of Rocks for Athletics strives to provide recognition to former student-athletes, teams, coaches, managers, administrators, and support personnel for their outstanding accomplishments and/or contributions to the success of the athletic program at Saint Stanislaus College. These accomplishments and/or contributions can include, but are not limited to, the field of play while at SSC, the field of play following graduation, the promotion and development of the SSC athletic tradition as a coach or administrator, or continued and dedicated support to promote the SSC athletic tradition.”  
  • There is a formal induction ceremony that strives to take place in alternating years of the SSC Hall of Fame so that the two entities are not confused with one another. 
  • Nominations can be made by anyone and submitted to the SSC alumni director. Nominations will be gathered and discussed at the appropriate time by the Alumni Association Board of Directors athletic subcommittee. The Alumni Association Board of Directors athletic subcommittee will also have the autonomy to nominate and discuss deserving individuals and teams not provided by outside nominations. After proper vetting of the nominees, the subcommittee will present their recommendations to the Alumni Association Board of Directors for approval to be sent to the SSC Board of Directors. When nominations are made to the alumni director, they should be accompanied by documentation or multiple letters of testimony justifying the nomination. As previously stated, the members of the athletic subcommittee will have the autonomy to make nominations during the vetting process. It is highly recommended that the names of the members of the athletic sub-committee created by the Alumni Association Board of Directors be kept confidential. 
  • Finally, it is to be understood that the nominee(s) should be considered on their own accomplishment and/or contributions that bring recognition to the Saint Stanislaus College athletic program and further develop the tradition that is Rock-A-Chaw athletics. Nominees should not be considered for one-time contributions of a financial nature or strictly of a defined period of support; rather, a show of continued dedication, loyalty and support throughout time of the athletic tradition at Saint Stanislaus College.