Junior High

Welcome to Saint Stanislaus Junior High

The educational charism of the Brothers of the Sacred Heart calls for programs that form all parts of a young man–addressing his spiritual, psychological, intellectual and physical growth. Here at Saint Stanislaus, this formation begins as we welcome new members into our community in the seventh and eighth grades. The transition from elementary school into middle school is a big step in one’s educational career, and we understand the need to support each young student as he begins his life as a Saint Stanislaus Rock-A-Chaw. We welcome each new student on day one and guide him through meeting new friends and faculty who will be with him until graduation.  

It begins with Academics… 

Our junior high faculty are highly trained in their subject matter and understand the unique teaching strategies that are most effective in reaching this age level. We believe that each student has his own best level of performance, and we look forward to learning about the unique qualities and abilities of each of our young men. Given our high expectations and personal attention and guidance, our students quickly settle into the academic program at Saint Stanislaus.     

Each seventh and eighth grade student meets with his junior high guidance counselor during the first quarter to ensure that he is comfortable and adjusting well to his new classes. Our junior high students also participate in a Study Skills class and a Computer Technology class to ensure that they develop skills that will support them to achieve academic success at Saint Stanislaus. Our resident students receive further academic support through daily study halls, constant collaboration between dorm prefects and faculty, and individualized study plans for students requiring a more structured approach to assignment completion. 

We believe that academic excellence is different for each young man. Our academic programs range from academic assistance for students diagnosed with learning differences, to honors courses beginning in the eighth grade. Advanced Placement (AP) courses are offered in high school and allow students the opportunity to earn college credit in several subject areas. While our academic program offers a variety of curriculum opportunities, all are based on self-awareness, self-discipline, and the development of responsibility for one’s own learning. 

Outside activities provide engagements 

Along with academics, we highly encourage our students to participate in the many sports teams, clubs, and activities that we offer. We want our students to be engaged in the classroom and in activities outside of the classroom. We offer football, basketball, soccer, baseball, track, swimming, lacrosse, tennis, golf and sailing to students in all grade levels. We also compete in Esports and Quiz Bowl.  Our students can also choose to participate in a variety of activities after school including the robotics club, radio club, board game club, international club, drama club, and magic club. Bonfires and trivia competitions are also popular activities on the Saint Stanislaus campus throughout the year.  

Community service is part of our curriculum 

Community service is a deep-seated part of the Saint Stanislaus experience. The Saint Stanislaus Service Program helps students put their faith into action as we guide students to develop empathy and desire to help others. Middle-school students meet their service requirements by volunteering in a variety of activities in our local community or in their community at home. 

Social events are on the calendar 

Across the street from Saint Stanislaus is Our Lady of Academy, an all-girls high school. The girls from OLA are active in athletic and social events with our students. They participate in our homecoming events, cheer at our games, and attend our social functions throughout the year. 

Big Brothers help set the pace… 

At the start of the school year, each new student is assigned a Big Brother. The Big Brother is an upperclassman who is available to guide the younger student and make him feel welcome at Saint Stanislaus. Big Brothers participate in fun social activities with their Little Brothers. Big Brothers are also available throughout the day to see their Little Brothers during class changes and daily morning and afternoon breaks to maintain communication and offer guidance to our new students.