Rock Stars


Rock-A-Chaws and Crescents win district Division 8-4A title

The team finished with an overall record of 8 – 2. The boys doubles team of Nour and Omar Tayara along with the girls doubles team of Jacqueline and Nathalia Mossy advanced to the individual state tournament.


Jacob Estrada, ’19, to Play Tennis at Meridian Community College 

Jacob Estrada signed a letter of intent to play tennis at Meridian Community College. 


Saint Stanislaus & Our Lady Academy Tennis Team Captures 4A south state Championship. 

The win makes it their 24th division championship. The team had an overall record of 8-2 this season.


Saint Stanislaus Captures Class 4A South State Championship


Saint Stanislaus Class 4A State Runner-up

1998 & 1999

Saint Stanislaus Class 4A State Champions

1991 – 2001

Saint Stanislaus State Champions 

Philip Pratt, ’91; Myron Labat, Jr., ’91, ’92, ’93, Craig Christopher, ’92; Rodrigo Hernandez ’93; Scott Wallace, ’97, ’98; Philip Marino, ’97, ’98; Garrett Mann, ’98; and Michael Carter’ 01. 


Coach Myron Labat Wins Six Division Titles and Two State Titles 

Coach Myron Labat took over the tennis team in 1986 and led his teams to six division titles and to state team titles in 1998 and 1999. 


Brothers Tommy & Pat Wild Win Rock-A-Chaws First State Title 

Tommy and Pat Wild won the state title in boys’ doubles.


Brother Julian Gibbens Coached Tennis Team to First Regional Championship 


Brother Cornelius Keohane Coached Saint Stanislaus’ First Tennis Team 


Members of the Junior Tennis Club