Dorm Staff

Saint Stanislaus offers an entire boarding staff support department to provide educational, emotional, social, and medical assistance to our boarding students.

Director of Residency

Pedro Maciel ’09

Mr. Maciel is the residency department’s administrative, spiritual, and formation leader. He works with the residency staff to ensure a high-quality program rooted in the mission of Saint Stanislaus. Mr. Maciel facilitates an effective and supportive working relationship with students and their families. He develops proactive approaches to address specific student needs and designs facility initiatives to enhance the residential experience. In addition to the residency counselor and prefects, he is available to assist students in creating and achieving their goals. Mr. Maciel plans and organizes activities on the weekends. He also coordinates all aspects of student travel for school holidays and any other time students need to travel.

Head Prefects

Gus Dos Santos

Jacob Kurka ’18

Thomas Littlefield

The Head Prefect takes the place of the resident’s parents while the student is on campus. His most immediate responsibility is the supervision and care of the students in his hall whenever they are at Saint Stanislaus. He works collaboratively with faculty members and the academic coordinator in addressing the academic needs of his students. He also supervises study halls and provides assistance when needed/possible. He is the resident’s initial counselor and confidant, and he works closely with parents to maintain a unified effort in the care and formation of their son. 

Blanchard Hall: Seventh and eighth-grade students
Carnovale Hall: Freshman and sophomore students
Martin Hall: Junior and senior students

Assistant Prefect

Sam Palode

The Assistant Prefect helps the head prefect with whom he is working to carry out the hall program, and they work together as a team effort for the benefit of the students. He shares many of the same responsibilities as the head prefect regarding the care and supervision of residents. He also organizes and supervises all weekly activities. 

Weekend Prefects

In addition to the full-time personnel of the residency department, weekend prefects work in the dorm on the weekend to provide time off to those who work during the week. The responsibilities of a weekend prefect are the same as those of a head or assistant prefect. Most importantly, the weekend prefect works closely with the full-time staff to ensure that dorm policies and procedures are carried out consistently. 

clinical Staff

Elaine Bergeron, RN

Elaine Bergeron, RN, manages the healthcare needs of our young resident men to keep them safe and healthy. The Health Center has an office for assessment, treatment, and medication administration. We also have “sick rooms” where students can rest when it is beneficial.  

Megan Brennan

Mrs. Brennan handles clinic services between 7:00 a.m. and 3:30 p.m. on weekdays. She administers prescription and over-the-counter medication and provides transportation to doctor’s appointments. She also trains the prefect staff in medicine administration. Outside clinic hours, prefects respond to medical needs and can contact the nursing staff as needed.