Explore Science day

Saint Stanislaus welcomes you to attend our 4th Annual Explore Science Day to be held on Thursday, October 15th at our Bay St. Louis campus. This invitation is extended to boys in the 5th and 6th grade from the local area schools. Join us for an unforgettable day of hands-on learning.

Life Science –

Activities include work with different animals native to our area, their habitat, and their role in the enviornment.

Marine Science –

Our marine science senior interns will lead students through the aquatic world of the Gulf of Mexico and Saint Louis Bay. Activities will be on our pier, in the beach, and in the water.

Physical Science –

Students will explore the physical and chemical world through student led demonstrations and hands-on experimentation.

STEM Program

Visiting students will make discoveries through construction and view firsthand where science, technology, engineering, and math meet.

Explore Science Day Frequently Asked Questions

What is the day and time?

Thursday, October 15th from 9:00 am to 2:00 pm.

Will transportation be provided?

Yes, transportation will be available for all students in Harrison County. You will receive specific transportation information upon registering.

are there any fees associated with the day?

There are no fees for Explore Science Day

will lunch be provided?

Yes, we will provide lunch in our cafeteria for our attendees. Pizza and drinks will be served.

will this be an excused absence?

For the Catholic elementary schools, this will be an excused absence. For students in a public school or other private schools, please check with your principal.


All events, activities, and meetings in Saint Stanislaus facilities must adhere to COVID-19 safety requirements such as social distancing, density, maximum occupancy and mask standards and follow protective guidelines issued by the State of Mississippi.

We will adhere to these requirements for this event.

i have specific questions. who do i contact?

Jeremy Clark, Director of Admissions
(228) 467-9057 x249