Character Fund

Donate to the Character Fund

By donating to the Saint Stanislaus Character Fund, you significantly impact the lives of our students, faculty, and staff. Your gift will enable us to continue the mission at Saint Stanislaus and allow students to grow spiritually, academically, and physically.

Thank you for being so supportive of Saint Stanislaus.

Why I Give

Austin J. Ladner DMD ’05

“Now, more than ever, our society needs strong Christian men to serve as leaders in an otherwise unstable world. The adolescent years are a crucial time in the formation of young men since it is when they are most likely to develop a solid academic, physical, and spiritual foundation that will render them capable of having significant impacts within their communities. I support Saint Stanislaus because I firmly believe their mission is to form well-rounded young men who will lead with faith and integrity. That same mission was evident when I proudly attended SSC, and I want to ensure that the mission will be intact by the time my young sons are old enough to attend.

Why I Give

Brett & Ashley Sides

“Ashley and I believe that one of the most important forces for good in the world is a man of character. We also believe that men of character do not just happen – they are formed and nurtured. Saint Stanislaus instills in their students a relationship with God, compassion and service for neighbors, and a humble view of self. Once those priorities are ingrained, they strengthen their student’s minds and bodies to use the gifts, skills, and talents given by God to carry out His plan in the world. We give to Saint Stanislaus because Saint Stanislaus has been turning boys into men of character for over 170 years – a vital mission to our world today.”

Why I Give

Stuart & Lena Farr

“We give to the Parent Gap Initiative because we want our son Jack to receive an excellent education with the best available resources. It is also important to us that this be in an environment that nurtures his faith formation and fosters character building. Giving to this initiative will help continue the school’s funding for the areas of greatest needs while ensuring the mission of the Brothers of the Sacred Heart continues for present and future students.”