Since Saint Stanislaus’s founding in 1854, alumni, parents, and friends have generously supported its efforts to provide an unparalleled education for its students.  While current-use gifts support the school’s immediate needs, the endowment ensures long-term sustainability. 

Over the years, growth from endowment through investment returns and charitable giving has enabled Saint Stanislaus to provide scholarships, build a strong faculty, support our athletics, arts, and support a wide range of important needs. 

what is an endowment?

Endowments are cash funds or other financial assets that are donated to Saint Stanislaus and are meant to be invested to grow the principal and provide additional income for future investing and support of the school.

Most endowments have guidelines stating how much of each year’s investment income can be spent. For Saint Stanislaus, this amount is about 5% of the endowment’s total asset value over the preceding five years.

Key takeaways

  • An endowment is a fund of money or other asset donated to Saint Stanislaus, which uses the resulting income for a specific purpose.
  • Endowment funds are established in perpetuity, meaning that no end-date for the fund is set.
  • Endowments are used by Saint Stanislaus to fund all ongoing operations including student tuition assistance.

Saint Stanislaus holds two types of endowments – restricted and unrestricted.

Restricted – Donors can decide to allot an endowment’s income for upgrading/repairing facilities, funding additional tuition grants, or funding programs or teaching positions which are used to attract world-class educators to prepare young people to take their place in the world.

Unrestricted – assets that can be spent, saved, invested, and distributed to fund the most critical immediate needs of the school in a given year. 

endowment funds

For the 2019-20 academic year, there are twenty-eight endowments, twenty-seven of which are fully funded. In order to fully funded, an endowment must have a corpus of at least $50,000.00. All gifts to an endowment are tax deductible according to law.

Fully Funded Endowment Funds
Alfred S. Lippman ’56 Scholarship Emile J. Babin ’61 Endowed Scholarship
Alumni Association Scholarship Faculty Formation Endowment
Brother Bennett Bishop Scholarship Hugh McCloskey Evans Scholarship
Brother Gunter Aucoin Endowed Scholarship Jack M. Kent, Jr. ’83 Endowed Scholarship
Brother Joseph Donovan Endowed Scholarship James R. Crosslin Endowed Scholarship
Brother Lee Barker Endowed Scholarship John C. Hamilton, Jr. ’92 Endowed Scholarship
Brother Leo Godin Endowed Scholarship Marine Science Endowment
Brother Mark Thornton Scholarship O’Keefe Endowed Scholarship
Brother Noel Lemmon Scholarship Rite Cue Johnson Endowed Scholarship
Brother Romuald Endowed Scholarship Shannon Family Sacred Heart Scholarship
Chris D. Briede Memorial Scholarship St. Rose De Lima Scholarship
Class of 1960 Scholarship W&M McHugh Scholarship
Class of 1992 Scholarship Waters Tuition Aid Fund
David Glover Memorial Scholarship
Partial Funded Endowment Funds
 Lassere Family Scholarship  

If you would like to know more about Saint Stanislaus’s endowment, contact Brian Murphy at bmurphy@ststan.com or (228) 467-9057 x 255.