Make a Difference

The year was 1821. Father Andre Coindre began his drive to save the street children of Lyon, France. The business community and the nobility seemed to make it their duty to respond to the call. Father Coindre spoke movingly on brotherly love and the need to help these children.   


Your concern for institutions both charitable and philanthropic encourages me to send you a prospectus for a new institution whose purpose is to foster the advancement of religion and morality among the working classes of Lyon. I am convinced that as soon as you become aware of its existence, your benevolence will be prompt to applaud it, your piety draw you to subscribe, and your charity compel you to contribute. As a testimony of your zeal for this noble work, please forward to me the enclosed pledge form signed in your hand. For me, it will stand as yet another witness of your trust, for you, another occasion for doing good. What is more, you shall be the subject of eternal blessings and thanksgiving thanks to the prayers of the poor youths whose difficulties you shall be helping to alleviate. 

I have the honor to be your servant, 

The group committed itself to the support of thirty poor boys in the institution at a cost of three hundred francs per year and per pupil.  One man’s quest that began almost two hundred years ago to help educate young boys carries on today in the spirit of the Brothers of the Sacred Heart. 

Since 1854, Saint Stanislaus and the Saint Stanislaus community have responded to the call of Father Coindre. The generosity and commitment of our alumni, parents, and the local community are essential in maintaining the academic excellence of Saint Stanislaus. While tuition is a significant source of income for the school, more than 17 percent of our yearly budget comes from philanthropic support. Donations are essential to strengthen our academics, arts, and athletic programs while keeping our tuition affordable. 

We appreciate your gifts large or small. Thank you in making a difference in the lives of our young men. 


Joseph Lee,
Director of Advancement

Joseph Lee

Director of Advancement
(228) 467-9057 x 255