The Society of 1854

The Society of 1854 recognizes benefactors who have remembered Saint Stanislaus in their wills and estate plans.  The Brothers of the Sacred Heart and the entire Saint Stanislaus community gratefully acknowledge the generosity and vision of those who invest in the educational legacy of Saint Stanislaus. 

Appreciations & Benefits 

  • The certainty that your estate gift will significantly impact the school and generations of Rock-A-Chaws. 
  • The satisfaction of sustaining Brothers of the Sacred Heart Catholic education. 
  • Permanent recognition within the school. 
  • Formal listing in the Saint Stanislaus Annual Report publication by name or anonymously. 
  • Federal and state estate tax income savings. 
  • A legacy established in your name. 

Society of 1854 Members 

Anonymous Mr. Armand G. Jonte, Jr., ’70 * 
Mr. Sidney V. Arbour, Jr., ’31 * Mr. Elmer J. Kamm * 
Mr. Joseph H. Arbour, ’42 Mr. Richard P. Kelley, ’58 * 
Mr. David Assaf, Jr., ’40 * Mr. Joseph L. Killeen, Jr., ’44 * 
Brother Gunther Aucoin, SC * Dr. Jean B. Lescale 1912 * 
Mrs. Karen Babin Mr. and Mrs. Ted Longo, ’81 
Mr. Gerald A. Bienvenu, ’55 * Mr. James I. Maloney, Jr., ’53 
Mr. Victor D. Blaize, 1918 * Mr. Milo L. Meacham, ’64 
Mrs. Leone Blaize * Mrs. Martin Miller 
Mr. Paul J. Blaum, ’60 *Mrs. Pat Modenbach 
Ms. Myrtis Broussard * Mr. Mark Modenbach, ’97 
Mrs. Earline P. Brown * Mr. A. Kenneth Moise 1919 * 
Mr. James J Bryan, ’41 * Mr. F. S. Pugh, ’25 * 
Mrs. Meriam Calabria Mr. and Mrs. George E. Ramirez, Jr. 
Mr. Ellis C. Cuevas, ’53 Mr. Milton L. Reisch, 1919* 
Mr. Irvin T. Cuevas, ’61 Mr. and Mrs. Jon E. Ritten 
Mr. Christopher L. Davis, ’98 Mr. Timothy Schafer, ’57 
Mr. George Dendinger, Jr. * Mr. George M. Slade, ’49 * 
Mr. Edmond L. Deramee, ’21 * Mr. James E. Smith, ’45 * 
Mr. Charles F. Engle, 1893 * Mr. and Mrs. Donald J. Tighe, ’77 
Mr. Michael G. Evans, ’74 * Mr. Martin D. Tighe, ’79 
Mr. Nathaniel C. Fick, Jr., ’65 Mr. Frank J. Tighe, ’80 
Mr. Daniel Glover, ’38 * Mr. John M Tighe, ’83 
Mr. Jason Green Mr. James A. Ware, ’26 * 
Mr. and Mrs. Bill Grusich Mr. and Mrs. Edward Weathers, Sr.* 
Dr. Aynaud M. Hebert, ’41 * Dr. Marion J. Wolfe, Sr., ’23 * 
Mr. Robert Hubbard, ’57  


Want to become a part of the The Society of 1854?  Contact Brian Murphy, Director of Advancement, at or (228) 467-9057 x 255 

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