St. Anne’s Mission located in Klagetoh, Arizona is 75 years old, a mission of All Saints Parish in Ganado, Arizona. The staff is composed of a mixed community of Brothers of the Sacred Heart, Dominicans, and lay volunteers. The mission has a food bank, rummage, youth program, and all church programs, including Search, Cursillo, Lay Ministry Training, RCIA, and more. Learn more about the St. Anne Mission here.

“Klagetoh is a mission trip in service of the Navajo people who live on the reservation in Klagetoh, Arizona. However, only individuals that have been to Klagetoh understand the true power that these service missions have on its participants. We immerse ourselves into their culture by living their lifestyle, and taking on a mindset similar to their own. By doing so we are able to humble ourselves, and appreciate the little things that we have become so used to in modern day life. This is something that we reflect upon every night at our campfire talks, where we share our individual perspectives and reflect upon the impact the day had on us.”

Ian Hardt, senior at Saint Stanislaus and Klagetoh Missionary


In order to pay for travel expenses to Klagetoh, Arizona, students use a variety of fundraising activities, such as donut sales, pottery sales, and dress-down days. If you would like to donate to the Klagetoh Mission Trip, please make checks payable to Saint Stanislaus with “Klagetoh” in the memo.