8th Grade Award Recipients: From the left, Mr. Gary Blackburn, Saint Stanislaus Principal; Atticus France, Resident Student Conduct Award; Benjamin Chen, Perfect Attendance; John Dimento, Brother Joseph Donovan Character Cup; Mark DeRoche, Perfect Attendance; Ethan Jacobi, Day Student Conduct Award; Daniel Quintanar, Resident Student Character Award; Joseph Bradford, American Legion Award; and Brother Barry Landry, Saint Stanislaus President.

Saint Stanislaus held a promotion ceremony for the members of the Class of 2022 to mark their transition from middle to high school on Friday, May 25, at the Saint Stanislaus College Café. A prayer service and the presentation of special awards preceded the distribution of promotion certificates.

The members of the Brother Louis Joseph Richard Chapter of the National Junior Honor Society were recognized for maintaining a cumulative grade point average of 3.5 or better. The eighth grade members of the National Junior Honor Society are Christian Bourgeois, Joseph Bradford, Clayton Bryan, Benjamin Carrigee, Joseph Catalano, Kameron Cunningham, Mark DeRoche, John DiMento, Reed Fairley, Brandon Griffith, Gabriel Griffith, Ethan Jacobi, Christopher Jung, Jackson LeBlanc, Carson Leverett, Keegan Leverett, Gordon Licciardi, Connor Macomber, Alexander Marthouse, Jackson Montjoy, Jackson Morris, Abel Nettles, Ayden Pickich, Gage Rabby, Tanner Reinike, and Brandon Rhodes.

Special awards were presented to students who demonstrated qualities of character, conduct, and service.

Perfect Attendance certificates were presented to Benjamin Chen and Mark DeRoche for maintaining perfect attendance for the 8th grade.

A Conduct Award was presented to a resident and day student whose wholehearted cooperation has been a source of inspiration and good example to his peers. The Resident Student Conduct Award was presented to Atticus France. The Day Student Conduct Award was presented to Ethan Jacobi.

The Character Award was presented to a resident student who exemplifies such traits of character as maturity, sincerity, dependability, stability, cooperation, courage and respect. The Resident Student Character Award was presented to Daniel Quintanar.

The American Legion Award, provided by the Clement R. Bontemps, American Legion Post #139, was presented to Joseph Bradford in recognition of the qualities of honor, courage, scholarship, leadership, service, companionship, and character.

The Brother Joseph Donovan Character Cup was presented to John DiMento. The character cup recipient is one who has taken responsibility for his own holistic education and who contributes, by word and example, to the creation of a healthy environment for his peers. In addition to qualities such as honesty, integrity, dependability, and courage, the Brother Joseph Donovan Character Cup recipient is also a young man who takes the Gospel mandate to serve others to heart.