Signature Series – Transition to Junior High

join us for a discussion with academic assistant principal Nancy artigues

“smoothing your son’s transition to junior high”

Junior high. Though your son may still be a pre-teen, the transition to junior high is a big step on the road to maturity. The biggest changes for your son include the new academic challenges, fitting in socially, and managing a larger school environment.

Junior high is a much more complex environment than elementary school. The campus is larger, there are more students, and your son will have several new teachers and classrooms. He is also preparing to move from the top tier of the elementary school to the entry level of the junior high ladder. Questions will arise such as who will be in my classes? Will I fit in? Will it be hard to make friends?

We want to help prepare you and your son for this upcoming transition especially as it relates to academics, communication, social skills, responsibility, and more.

Our conversation will include:

  • How to prepare your son for the new academic challenges.
  • How to ease the social transition to a much larger environment.
  • How to successfully transition to new rules and expectations.

We hope you will join us for this enlightening presentation.

Open to parents, families, and friends. While the primary focus will be for students preparing to enter junior high – 6th graders, we welcome 5th graders, 4th graders, and other interested parties.

Wednesday, February 3, 2021 from 6:00 pm to 7:30 pm.

Saint Stanislaus Cafe
304 South Beach Blvd.
Bay St. Louis, MS 39520

Enjoy a casual conversation with Academic Assistant Principal Nancy Artigues and other top administrators.
Light refreshments will be available.

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