Student Life


Welcome to the rich history and tradition that is Saint Stanislaus! Whether you are a new student or a parent, you are now part of the family, a family that has been educating men of character on the Mississippi Gulf Coast since 1854.  We are glad you chose to be a part of Saint Stanislaus, and we hope this place becomes a sanctuary for you.  At Saint Stanislaus we strive to create a disciplined and orderly environment. This allows every student to work to his potential academically, physically, and spiritually while also instilling self-discipline and accountability in every young man on our campus.

Our hope is that every one of our students graduates with an understanding of God’s love for them that in turn allows them to become well-rounded men of faith who respond with compassion to the needs and limitations of others. We want them to become self-disciplined individuals who have the utmost respect for authority and the persons for whom they are responsible. We hope that through their interactions with our faculty, staff, and administration, our students will learn to approach all of their relationships with fairness, mutual trust, and cooperation. 

Our boys know that “wearing the S on their chests” means that they are held to a high standard, that they agree is a challenge to meet, but is the ideal for the men they strive to become. They know that wearing that “S” on their chests means they represent something more than themselves. They represent that storied history and rich tradition I mentioned, and they represent 165 years of men of character who came before them. Our young men understand that graduating from Saint Stanislaus means much more than just getting a diploma; it means having the foundation necessary to go on to become men of character who have the ability to make the world around them a better place. They also understand the enormous responsibility that comes with an SSC diploma, the responsibility of representing their families, their school, and their Lord in everything they do and say. 

Again, my deepest welcome to our family; we are truly glad you are here. 


David-Paul ‘DP’ Daigle, M. Ed.

Saint Stanislaus College 
Director of Student Activities
(228) 467-9057 x251