Saint Stanislaus encourages students to discover their creative abilities by participating in the visual, performing, and musical arts. Art provides students with a creative outline and helps connect them to the larger world, improving community cohesion.   

Students are required to obtain a minimum of one art credit for graduation. This credit may be fulfilled through our music and band program or it may be fulfilled with a visual art credit in our art program.


Since its founding in 1854, the music program at Saint Stanislaus has been an integral part of our education. 

Whether you are serious about studying music or simply just want to play for leisure, Saint Stanislaus’s music program will expand your skills and talents.   

Our band hall is home to beginning and experienced musicians who come together to form a unified and multi-talented ensemble. Our band performs at pep rallies and special school events, and marches in local parades. They also perform holiday concerts at Saint Stanislaus and at a variety of regional music and arts festivals. Students have also come together to form a concert band and jazz band to develop their talents and entertain our school community. Young men who are interested in choir can participate in our student choir during school Masses and events. 


The performing arts program instructs students on theatrical technique along with helping them discover their artistic skills. Students from Saint Stanislaus and from Our Lady Academy bring their talents together to put on first-class drama productions.  


The visual arts program offers all students the opportunity to learn about art and explore their creativity whether it be painting on a canvas or making ceramics with their hands.   

Visual arts courses are offered at introductory and advanced levels. Students study the elements of arts and principles of design and use these to produce works of art in painting and drawing. Art history, art criticism, art media/techniques, sketchbook practice, class discussions and good craftsmanship are integrated into each assignment. Our art studio is a place of constant discovery and creativity producing several student works that have earned outstanding recognition in a variety of art shows statewide.

Our visual arts program includes courses offered in ceramics. Our students study ceramics through art history, art aesthetics, art criticism, and art production. Students work diligently to learn about the significance of ceramics in many cultures and to discover their own abilities and talents in a new field of study.  

Our art instructor collaborates with local potters to provide further guidance and instruction to develop the skills and confidence of our ceramics students at Saint Stanislaus. Students display their works at local art shows and throughout the school, encouraging others to pursue study in this unique art form.  

We are also blessed to be located near some of the best ceramic art museums in the country including the New Orleans Museum of Art, the Newcomb Pottery Collection at Tulane University, the Ohr-O’Keefe Museum of Art in Biloxi, Mississippi, and the Walter Anderson Museum of Art in Ocean Springs, Mississippi.