Campus Ministry

Because of our emphasis on spiritual growth and religious values, our goal is that Saint Stanislaus students graduate with: 

  • A strong belief that God loves them
  • A willingness to respond to Jesus’s directive to love our neighbor 
  • A commitment to compassion, justice, and service
  • A desire for a deeper relationship with God through prayer
  • A dynamic integration of faith and daily life
  • An understanding of the teachings and traditions of the Catholic Church 
  • A willingness to become active members in their local church communities  

The crux of the mission for Saint Stanislaus and the Brothers of the Sacred Heart is to teach Gospel values and nurture our students’ growth in hope, love, and faith – a mission that sets us apart from most boarding and day schools in the U.S. We see our students as deeply spiritual beings with an eternal destiny, a belief in contrast with messages from society and popular youth culture. We look upon them with the eyes of God, and we try to help them see themselves with those same eyes.