Service Program

“We challenge the young to become involved in social ministry, to promote justice and peace and to appreciate the value of sharing.” 

Brothers of the Sacred Heart Rule of Life, 159. 

The Saint Stanislaus Service Program is our way of putting the vision of our founder, Father Andre Coindre, into action.  He was a survivor of the chaos created by the Reign of Terror at the end of the French Revolution.  In response to that chaos, he formed teams of men and of women to work with the poor through education. 

We continue to build on Father Coindre’s vision by asking our students to participate in our service program each year to help care for the poor, the disadvantaged, the disabled, or individuals with special needs.  By the hands-on experience of service, our students come to appreciate the gifts they have and to extend these gifts to help others. 

Saint Stanislaus Service Program 

Students are required to participate in the program each year.  Service hours must be completed at a non-profit organization after school hours, on weekends, and/or during summer and vacation periods. 

Types of Service 

Direct Service:  Working directly with individuals or organizations touching the lives of the poor, hungry or disadvantaged, the elderly, sick, disabled, or individuals with special needs. Examples of agencies we work with include centers for the homeless, a restaurant for needy families, mission trips, Boys and Girls Clubs, Buddy Ball for handicapped children, and local nursing homes.   

Indirect Service: Indirectly supporting needy individuals or charitable organizations. Examples: fundraisers, walk-a-thons, working in an animal shelter, school/parish festivals or meals, wetland restoration, beach cleanup, bake sales, and serving in parish liturgies. 

Service Opportunities 

Here is a list of potential service opportunities

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Service Program Requirements 

The number of hours required varies with each grade level.  Service requirements increase as students move from middle school to high school. 

StudentMin Direct Hrs of Svc Min Total Hrs of Svc 
7th Graders 
8th Graders 
9th Graders 10 
10th Graders 10 12 
11th Graders 12 16 
12th Graders 15 20 

Submission Deadlines 

Summer ServiceAugust 31st
First SemesterDec; Prior to 1st semester exams
Second Semester Grades 7-11May; Prior to 2nd semester exams
Second Semester SeniorsApril 30th

*Students must meet the deadlines to be allowed to take semester exams in their Religion course.