Welcome to the Saint Stanislaus guidance department. Our department provides an environment where our students can share their needs and struggles with a trusted adult.  The fundamental principle of our guidance department is the belief that each young man is a child of God who possesses a unique dignity and is capable of having a positive impact on our school community and the world.  In the tradition of the Brothers of the Sacred Heart, we as counselors address our students’ challenges because we recognize God’s presence in them.    

In response to the needs of our students, the guidance department works with students in myriad ways, including:  

Social & Emotional Counseling  

Counseling is primarily conducted on an individual basis. Guidance counselors help students better understand their relationships with peers and help develop social skills. If, in the opinion of the Guidance Department staff, a student needs more comprehensive counseling and/or services, Saint Stanislaus maintains a list of local professionals who assist our students.  We communicate regularly with parents, prefects, and teachers in order to promote the whole formation of our students.  

College Counseling & Test Preparation  

Our guidance department also provides college admissions counseling for our senior high students.  We assist students and families in making constructive decisions regarding post-secondary schooling and vocational options. We provide information about careers and college majors, leadership programs, and summer enrichment opportunities, standardized testing options, and preparation (PSAT, ACT, SAT), admission requirements, and academic prerequisites for all post-secondary options, and scholarship and financial aid availability (including help with the Free Application for Federal Student Aid or FAFSA).  

Student Support Committee & Accommodations  

We believe that all students can and will learn.  Our Guidance Department also understands that this means meeting students where they are so that we can help them grow into the people God has called them to be.    

The student support committee is composed of the guidance staff, the assistant principal for academics, and our academic assistance coordinator. This group examines educational evaluations, determines testing for students in need, and produces official accommodations for students in the classroom. Requests for accommodations may come from students, parents, teachers, administrators, or the guidance department. All requests for accommodations require documentation of an evaluation, completed by a health or educational professional, within the last three years. On a limited basis, testing may be conducted at Saint Stanislaus by the Bay-Waveland School District. Please contact the guidance department with any questions about testing and/or accommodations.   

Whether your son is dealing with a tough issue in his life, preparing for his future on a college campus, or needs accommodations to reach his full academic potential, we in the Saint Stanislaus guidance department are here to help and support your family.  Please do not hesitate to contact us should you have a question or concern.  

Thank you for entrusting us with your most precious gift!  

In His Heart,  

Andree bonnaffons

Director of Guidance
(228) 467-9057 x257